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It is hard to be alone behind the computer and watch green or red every day jumping up and down. And every time you want to talk about it with your friends their eyes gaze into the emptiness of space. Through live alerts and notifications you’ll get filtered information(graphs, technical analysis) from the market that will help you be more focused.

But you'll also have access to an entirely new group of successful stock traders, if you choose the PRO package of course.

You'll be in an intimate group of people who have your exact same challenges — and many who've OVERCOME them. Imagine how valuable it would be to have a supportive group of stock traders who can answer questions about stocks, picks, gains, highs, lows, candles, newest trends and how to act when "shit hits the fan" or when we are overexcited. They won't think it's "weird" that you love trading and that you want to improve your stock trading techniques — they just get it. If you're stuck on a "stock trading" related problem, chances are they've seen it before.

Our community will help you to master the three pillars of trading – technology, strategy, psychology – as well as help you develop your winning "edge" for the market. Experienced traders are always available to answer your questions and encourage you in your trading journey.

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Having been burned in other chat groups in the past I was a little hesitant at first but all it took was a couple days to see how things went. Marko is amazing and the group overall is very helpful as well. I was sold within a couple days of being active on the app. I used to take profits off the table too soon...way too soon. Being in this group taught me patience (or as Marko says...PAYtience). That was a great lesson for me in terms of being confident in a hold. I followed Marko's lead in buying quality over quantity and only investing in quality stocks. I've grown a lot as a trader in a short amount of time. It's also different from others because there is TRANSPARENCY! Marko is a straight shooter and is transparent with all his trades.



This isn’t just a run of the mill stock pick service. You get so much more! You get the pick, stop and sell signal but in the chat you get to ask why, what to expect next and even when there’s an unexpected dip you have someone there to discuss if it will be temporary or what a good exit point is. This is an amazing group and without it I would have never recovered from my previous mistakes in the market. I’m happy to trade with Marko and will be doing so for years to come.



I was a decent stock traders before I started, but certainly not to the level of Marko. He explains every pick, the why and how of each trade. He shows his charts, his targets, give us information of any catalyst that might propel or hurt the stock. After awhile, it’s good to know what is coming. Because I understand his process, it makes me make better decisions. Not many services does a trader stay with you all day. The chat is huge, and Marko’s communication is the best.



I have learned PAYience and not to use emotions to make impulse decisions when trading. Marko does a great job of keeping a level head and making sure everyone in the chat knows to do the same. For example, I was having a hard time holding Boeing stock after a 30%+ drop in mid-summer of 2020. Marko's constant reassurance that the company is one of the largest in the world and that the stock pick is solid helped me stay with it and profit eventually.



STP service taught me lots of technical analysis skills. Marko taught me many patterns such as head and shoulders, and he also gave many examples on how to draw trendlines to identify the movement in a bigger picture. The thing that STP offers while no one else does, is the option for me to ask a question and get a response seconds or minutes later, the prompt response allows me to learn better and make decisions, especially with option trading, quicker.



Amazing service, live buy/sell signals, you can ask any question and get a real response. The chat is fun and learning for all. It feels like family even if we are just random people trying to help eachother in trading. Helped me to become more confident and see charting in a new way that I never dived into before. I have a different setup but I always love to learn and Marko is a great teacher/mentor and super patient.

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