Hi I'm Marko

Leading stock trader and founder of StockTraderPro brand. Stock Trading is in my life from a year that everyone thought would be the first end of the world (2000). With the help of my team, I’ve been leading a community of experienced traders from 2010. I’ve started with only 1 trader, today we are over 1.000 active traders.

I know you have a lot of choices in who you read/follow, so I know I have to earn your trust with every message I make in our chat room. If you’re curious, here’s a little bit about me.

how it all started

The first time I tried to learn stock trading was 2000. At the beginning I tried my luck by betting on the best performing ones. Shortly after that experience I got pulled into the industry and started trading on the U.S. Stock Market.

As each day passed I became more frustrated, asking myself: “why am I not getting any more wins and what could I be doing wrong?”

Was it luck? Was I inexperienced? I had the knowledge, I had all the books and Google by my side, I was really paying attention to the data. So what was I doing wrong? I didn’t have anyone to help me so I put my head down to research and test different ways to make progress.

After a couple of years I noticed that I am making really great progress. My tactics and data analytics skills were polished so I was finally making serious money trading stocks.

It was not easy relying only on theory. Picture this: your eyes are locked on multiple screens of the computer all day, you are talking to nobody, except occasionally to yourself. The Self-talk usually goes like this:

»Is this worth a buy? Buy? Sell? I need a second opinion on that.
New hot Stock, data looks promising. Shall I go in or out?«

How much money would I be able to save If only I had a fellow stock trader that I can trust near me to exchange opinions with?

Have you ever had to ask yourself the same question ?

Would you love to get a second opinion from a fellow stock trader that has 20+ years of experience in stock trading?

What if one single opinion of the experienced stock trader could generate you 1x, 3x even 5x more profit?

That is why I created StockTraderPro.


StockTraderPro brand started as a one person for everything, but in 10 years we have grown. Without further ado, the STP team.

  • Marko Kraupner
  • Founder & CEO, StockTraderPro
  • Špela Kraupner Kovič
  • Founders Wife, Melania
  • Domen Brlek
  • CTO, Technical Help
  • Ana Logar
  • Lead Graphic Designer
  • Domen Rode
  • Lead Developer
  • Petra Krulc
  • Project Manager


20 years
10 years


We've been around since 2010. See what real traders say about this service.

by Palisay

This App is Prophetable & Profitable

If you have a basic understanding of the stock market this app is great for you. The service Marko offers here is exceptional. You are provided with knowledge on how to invest and how to allocate your resources. This app is way BEYOND stock alerts, but also a community knowledge sharing based app that allows you to learn from others whilst also having that first hand experience of being invested in a trade. I highly suggest giving this app a shot, and just trusting the process. 5 stars... would give more stars if I could. Thank you Marko
by Psyzo


Been investing and Swing Trading on my own but want to have a deeper understanding on technical analysis and such. Found StockTrader and tried out the free week to join in the picks and chat with everyone and I joined right away. Everyone not just Marco is super friendly and helpful but everyone shares what they are watching and why. Marco is super awesome and friendly and no question is too small and you also have fellow trades going into options and letting you know which ones, entries and expectations. Other services charge 3 to 4 times as much and don’t even come close to what you get here.
by BibiWeiss

Very happy with the app

Since I start trading with your app. I made a nice amount of money.

I do have another job and have no time to search for stocks. Whenever I hear a alert from the app. I am jumping to see what to do now. Buying or stop loss and of course selling. So far so good. I made good money. And I would like this opportunity to thank you guys.

Will also appreciate if you will have option trading. I am searching the web. There is only few out there. But not trustable. If you guys will do it. I will buy it with closed eyes.

And again thanks a million

by OrangeTurtleJRW

Best App You Can Get

You will not be disappointed when you subscribe. This is not a momentum day trade app but a great community for making sound stock picks based on market conditions and charts. All on the chat are very pleasant and Marko is top notch! Plenty more to say but just try the free trial and you will be hooked.
by JandM17

Made money my first day

On my first full day of using this app, I made $4,600. I finally found a professional group of traders where we are all treated with respect. Loving the trade suggestions and the Chatroom. Feels like I’m not alone trading anymore. Thank you!
by violet hix

Worth every penny! Highly recommended

At first I hesitated about spending money for this but I decided after the trial I was going to do it. Marko is amazing. In 4 weeks (the worst possible trading weeks prior to election) I managed to make more than triple what I paid for the program with Marko’s guidance. He was great for keeping me calm and helped me avoid panic selling by showing charts and indicators of why to buy/sell. I’ll be here for as long as I trade. The chat is absolutely essential as there are fellow members who offer great picks and assistance as well! Love it. Thanks Marko!
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